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Experienced, Empathetic, Enthusiastic and Qualified. 


Initial Assessment

During the initial assessment we will dicuss the history that brought your to seek support and start a treatment plan.

Looking at medical background, psychological history, current concern, short and longer term goals; as well as starting treatment right with resources and a short term plan.

Any medical monitoring will be discussed and summary to your GP/consultants will be written as required. 

Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments are for continuing goal setting, psychoeduation, meal planning and solving any barriers to change . 

The frequency of follow up appointments will be agreed to support you to meet your goals.

Appointments can be 1 hour or 30 mins in length.


CBT for Eating Disorders

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is recommended in the treatment of eating disorders. CBT looks at how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours link together to create helpful or unhelpful patterns.

  To understand how CBT might benefit you please click below


online appointments only

Initial Assessment: 1 hour £150

Follow up appointments:

  • 1 hour £120

  • 30mins £75

Insurance companies I work with.

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Please note that where there is a shortfall in your policy you will be expected to settle the remaining bill.

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